Beauty: What Is It To Me

This is another post for Beauty Week on The Blog Tag.  I’ve been thinking about this.  A lot.  Procrastinating, really.  I mean, how often is it that we really think about beauty and what it means to us.  What do we find beautiful?  What defines beauty.  Well, here’s my interpretation.



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say
So if I’m the beholder
What is it to me?



It is the mother shining love on her child
The father rearing his legacy
The brother, the sister forming an evermore bond



It is the aunt with the ever-caring ear
The cousin, your first friend
The uncle who defines cool



It is the first kiss at age three
The giggling behind the tree
The cautious walk-run to infinity



It is the friend you saw yesterday but missed last night
The parentals saying “We’re proud” when you thought you’d give them a fright
It’s in the little victories day by day



It is echoed in the altar bells that toll
The shy start to evermore
The union from two to one



It’s in the rugged gentle hands
The crinkled knowing smile
The memories untold



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say
So if I’m the beholder
What is it to me?



Beauty is taking joy in the little things
Smiling through the storm
Beauty is in being together
Beauty is family



© Shelley Smidt-Booys & 2016



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