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Yes, this is the round-up for 2017.  Can’t believe we have reached the end of the year so quickly.  Lies…have been waiting for 2018 since June. Seriously, it’s been tough.  But, I am grateful to be alive and well in the head with a fully rounded figure.  This has been a year filled with little reading and lots of thinking, new destinations and trying to kick old (bad) habits.  It certainly hasn’t been a dull one.  So, here I go reflecting on what was my 2017.



I did say little reading.  However, there are two books that stand out.  One is a re-read the other a new read.



– Khaled Hosseini’s “A Thousand Splendid Suns” is my favourite book under the sun.  So brilliantly written with a story that resonates deeply with me.  It is essentially a story about women and sisterhood (in my opinion).  This book takes your emotions up hills and down dales.  Hits you with the reality-out-there stick and shows you the world-is-bigger-than-me picture.  If you haven’t yet I suggest you give it a read.



“The Long Way Home” was my introduction to Jeanne Whitmee’s writings.  I already have another of her novels lined up on my TBR (to be read) list.  “The Long Way Home” is a tale of seven women. Three mothers, a trusted confidant, a risky friend and two sisters.  It’s a book about a coming of age of sorts.  Of how things aren’t always as they seem.  I think it’s a worthy read.




I kicked off 2017 in Brazil. Literally.  At the stroke of midnight ZA time I was having a burger dinner in my hotel room.  At the stroke of midnight Brazil time I was having a jol in Paulista.  Sao Paulo, I’m convinced, is the capital city of street art.  In a lot of cases it’s just bad graffiti but I tell you…when you find those treasures it’s just wow

I have been fortunate this year to visit two new destinations, Senegal and Washington D.C.  Whilst Washington was beautifully clean and scenic (and I saw the white house) the highlight was definitely Goree Island, Senegal.  There will be a blog post about it in the new year because I am always a bit delayed when it comes to travel posts.  But, I would definitely advise you to go there.  People, this continent of Africa that I call home is breathtakingly beautiful with an extremely rich history. I will promote African travel far and wide because I simply believe that we are way more than what the media portray us to to be.  A plus is that travelling Africa would in most cases work out cheaper than anywhere else.  Also, I feel it’s important for African’s to see a bit of their own continent.  She’s gorgeous.



Then there’s my favourite city to photograph – New York.  This has been trip number four and still I can’t get enough.  Don’t think I’ll do the cold again though. This body prefers the sun.

When it comes to South Africa my favourite road trip is up the West Coast.  I have a great love for St. Helena Bay.  Her beaches are stunning and her beauty quiet and pristine.  Being just a little over two hours from Cape Town she’s an easy drive and a great stopover dorpie (town).  Oh, and I climbed a mountain in my backyard. Heaven’s knows what I lost up there.  The views though are absolutely stunning.

I have been amazingly blessed to go to all these places all in one year.  Can’t wait to go exploring some more.  Perhaps another new destination?



Thought I’d get with the times and start a channel.  Still struggling to actually put my face before a camera lens but I figured a way to do something different. I use poems on this blog and turn them into videos with pictures and music.  I realise that not everyone can read and understand a poem just so.  Some folks need visual aides to help with interpretation. I must admit, I’m still getting the hang of this and learn a little day by day but I figure with so many out there who find it difficult or tiresome to read and would rather sit in front of a monitor of some kind…this way I get them to not just watch but read.  All of my five followers.  Hey…a girl’s got to start somewhere right?  The important thing is to start.  I haven’t posted a video in a while but you might just like what’s there already.  You can check it out here:




This year has been jam-packed.  I read, I travelled, I created…but more than that…I survived another big one.


This has not been an easy year.  It’s not even being kind right at it’s end but I am grateful to have witnessed and learned and explored.  Made new friends (not an easy thing for me).  Had hair fall out because of Eczema.  Going au natural by force ( I gots lots of hair in different shades of curl, ya’ll).  Wore a shorts for the first time in about four years (my legs need a tan so bad they look like they belong to another body).  And got connected with all of you who take the time to read my mutterings even when I’m on a serious ramble…like now.


You folks are awesome!  Thank you for sticking with me through another year.  For those who have just joined my mildly crazy world…welcome.  I appreciate your readership like you have no idea.


I’m going to shut up now and let you enjoy the rest of the interwebs.


From my keyboard to yours – May your 2018 be sumptuous.

As always…God bless!




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6 thoughts on “2017 Round-up on The Deal Is

  1. Wow you kicked off your 2017 brilliantly! I really love New York as well it’s one of my favourite places to visit, although like you I much preferred visiting there in the warmer months!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. Stunning travel pics Shells. I too tried the converting some posts to YouTube, but the copy protect prevents this and I’m too lazy to undo the copy protect to convert a post, maybe I will try it in the New Year.
    Sorry to hear that about your eczema. I think your 2018 will be great!

    1. Thanks Chev! I use a program called Lumen 5. Very time-consuming but okay for now. Have you tried it? A bit of copy paste

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