Funny Bone: Anne Kansimme

A few months ago I saw this video clip where a newspaper seller was selling old prints as if they (the newspapers) were current.  The argument which ensued between customer and proprietor was quite hilarious.  I forwarded this clip to a few of my friends.  They loved it.

I started to wonder about African comedy.  Most of us are very familiar with the American comedians (and some Britcoms), but we are only familiar with the few South African and African comedians we see on our television screens.  I thought I’d look around and see what we have out there with regards to African Comedy.

If you have not yet heard of her, I’d like to introduce you to Anne Kansiime (full name Anne Kansiime  Kubiryaba) of Uganda.  She who entertains by torment.  I find her to be refreshing and, really, quite funny.  Her comedic tools?  Argument and reasoning.  She is young, educated and articulate.  She makes one think, really think, in the most simplistic way.  She is one to look out for.  Now, if I could figure out a way to view her Kenyan television comedic show “Don’t Mess With Kansimme”…I bet it’s fantastic.

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4 thoughts on “Funny Bone: Anne Kansimme

  1. Hahaha… She gives a valid argument there. Will be checking her out some more.

    I’ve kind of lost interest in SA comediennes on account that their egos seem to have become so inflated. I get that celebs are people too but having people ooh-ing and aah-ing when they see you comes with the territory. I recently unfollowed 2 of the most popular ones on Twitter because of their lack of interaction. They raised some good points and I commented on it not for attention but because I genuinely seconded what they said. I got no response and it’s ok because they’re probably inundated with tweets or still don’t really have a full understanding of how it works. Besides Twitter shouldn’t be taken seriously, but if someone like Gareth Cliff whom I love to bits (I’ll stop with the name dropping right there) can RT me or fav of my tweets and some other really awesome important people with way more followers than those 2 local comediennes (who only seem to be able to find comedy in race and culture but not much else) then I’m so over them and ready to see what else Africa has to offer in the scope of comedy.

    1. I hear you. I think there should be a course on how to treat your followers anf fabs for celebs. Sadly, there are many local comedians who are yet to be seen and heard on the small screen. Anne Kansiime has her own Youtube channel. Watching it is one of my guilty pleasures. Now to search for another such as her,

  2. When my parents housesat for friends, my mom would spend hours watching African comedy and drama series! She just loved it!

    1. You should see husband mine watch the Nigerian soaps…It’s a sight to behold. It definitely has something to do with tgd accents. Then there’re the storylines…oy vei

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