A Date With Fate


Is it my destiny?
To meet with you?
To meet you?
To feel you?
Will it ever be?
I don’t have the answer

I’ll hold onto the belief
That one day
I might have
A date with fate
Hold onto my Faith
Given by Grace

That I might get to hold you
One day
Whichever way
You might choose to appear

I’ll hold firm to my Faith
Given by Grace
That I might
One day be granted
A date with fate


©SHELLEY SMIDT-BOOYS 2016.  All rights reserved.


“A Date With Fate”, today’s tandem blog title, has me giving a bit of myself to you.  It’s a subject very close to my heart.

Please read the interpretations of my tandem co-conspirators, Celeste and Chevone.

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