A Letter to My Future Self

Dear Self


So…you’re older now (or is it I’m older now?).  I don’t even know what to tell you…me…You know what I mean… I’ll keep this short.


You have found your voice. Don’t ever lose it.

You are fire and ice – nothing wrong with that.


You are surrounded by love.  Not everyone knows how to show it.  Not everyone says it out loud (including you)…but it’s there.  You know it is.

Stay true to who you are.  You are respected because you are honest.  Don’t compromise who you are.


I hope by now you’ve found that work-life balance.  Probably not.  You’re a hopeless workaholic.  Please do take some time to rest.  You are no robot.

The trick is growing up without growing old.

  – Casey Stengel

Always show your many borrowed kids how proud you are of them and that you have their back…even if you manage to have a child of your own one day, make sure that child knows that he/she is part of a greater community.


Set goals for success – make sure they’re reasonable.  Work hard at them. Try not to overthink those goals (who am I kidding – I’m overthinking as I write this).


I do not know what the future holds. As long as you keep holding on to your Creator you’ll be okay.  No matter what happens…hold on to HIM.


So I’ll go back to now and I’ll probably end up reading this every year.  Might be a good thing.





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14 thoughts on “A Letter to My Future Self

  1. hahahha “I don’t even know what to tell you…me…You know what I mean” hilarious.
    I love the advice especially about finding your voice. You should def read what richard branson wrote to his future self. he even had plans for the island he has now!

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