And So It Goes…

And so it goes…


I watch you standing there

All ebb…no flow

A mere mortal in thought

With mortality wrought with strife

The inability to delve deeper jarring

One so translucent…so tragic



And so it goes…

The world has changed

The fight revived

Consciousness regained

Not a minute too soon

Mortality overturned…finally

The walls go up



And so it goes…

The towers fall

The river split

Thought weeps in

Heart holds out

Pools overflow at the touch



And so it goes…

I’ve been rediscovered.



© Shelley Smidt-Booys & [2016]


This is part of a tandem with Celeste from Surviving Jonkersville and Chevone from ChevsLife.  
We all go through times when we stand in front of the mirror like an outsider looking into ourselves and don’t like what we see.  But, oh, how sweet when we find ourselves again.
Thank you for reading and God bless.




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