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Writing Prompt: What is Art to You?


What is art?  Can it really be defined?  What is creativity?  Have you ever thought on this?  Everyone has a different perception of what art is.  What’s yours?


It is the up and down of the brushstrokes
The vibrance and shadow of paints
The stretching of the canvass
The easel, wall and spray


It is in the grace and point
The bowing of the back
The taut and sprain
The joy and pain


It is in the vibration and fear
Deliverance of the spear
Projection and delivery
Reliving the memory


It is the case-in-point
Debate, several and joint
It is in the standing tall and sitting down
The wearer of the crown


It is in the timbre and tempo
The light and crescendo
Controlled vibrato
Stringed and staccato


It is in the gliding of the pen
Where ink and paper meet
Of life and how it’s spent
Of tales of great feats


This thing with Art and me
Is whatever I need it to be
My speech and voice
Non-verbal voice
That is Art to me


© Shelley Smidt-Booys 2016.  All rights reserved.





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