Beauty Confession…My Wake-up Call

Three weeks into The Blog Tag and they hit us with the theme “Beauty”.  This one is proving to be quite difficult.  The writing prompt for this post is “Beauty Confession”.



I am a bit of a strange being.  I have always been a bit a lot of a tomboy,.even now that I have crossed the 30 border line (considerably).  Probably because it suits my laid-back typical type A personality perfectly.  



Thing is…I love make-up.  Why?  Make-up done beautifully is an art form.  I love art.  I love beautiful things.  My favourite  colour is black…but I love colour.  Colour is life.  Yes, I know I say everything is life…but it’s true.



I have never considered myself to be beautiful.  Not even pretty just a little.  I’ve always thought I’m “okay”.  What I realised though was that there are parts of my anatomy that I find beautiful and that it’s best to play those parts up.  What are they?  My cheekbones, eyes and lips.  I was blessed with an unusual eye shape (I really love my eyes) and full lips.   I think my cheekbones are  to die for (please don’t die for them).  I have a good eye for colour and design.  I sketch and paint…so why not paint my face and place my stamp on it.



I don’t do much because to me less is oh, so much more.  I highlight my eyes.  Splash some colour on my lips and my cheekbones speak for themselves.  Prominent as they are.  I really don’t mind looking like me.  Me is okay.



I am not a girly-girl.  Don’t think I ever will be.  But I will always highlight what I think is beautiful about and on myself.  Hearing the words “You’re beautiful” or “you have such pretty eyes” or whatever from someone else will never really boost your shego if you cannot see the beauty or pretty eyes yourself.



Get up in the morning.  Look at yourself in the mirror.  I mean really look at yourself.  Find the thing you think you can work with.  Eventually you’re like “who would’ve thunk it, for reals”.  Dress up every now and then.  Clothes and (especially) shoes are great for a shego boost.  The most beautiful thing is confidence.  We all need that boost every now, then and again.



We do not give ourselves enough credit.  We count.  We matter.



Learn to love yourself.  You’re worth it.





© Shelley Smidt-Booys & [2016]


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49 thoughts on “Beauty Confession…My Wake-up Call

  1. nice to read this encouraging other girls! every one is beautiful! i myself is more tomboyish haha i barely wear makeup only if special occasions or events or I feel like it haha

  2. I think you are beautiful, with or without makeup! I love buying makeup, but only putting it on, depending on the occasion, not an everyday thing!

  3. Yes, confidence is what makes us beautiful! Beauty has so much more to do than just looks. I find kindness and humor tops on my list of what beauty can be!

  4. I love playing around with makeup too. I don’t wear much of it though, but it’s still fun. I think you’re very beautiful!

  5. I have never been a girly girl either. I do love looking at very well done makeup though! I don’t really wear it myself but it can be beautiful!

  6. I love playing with my makeup and I found that makeup is such a fun thing! I love putting makeup but not too much.

  7. I love going out with makeup too, it is a form of art and I like to express my art in makeup!

  8. I love makeup too but I know how to put a balanced makeup, I love looking nude and natural. Great post!

  9. That’s a very inspiring message, I hope a lot of girls will read this post. It’s a reminder that we all need. Not a lot of women realize how amazing they are, and it’s good that you have. You are an inspiration to us all.

    1. Thank you!!! I have that same problem with nail polish. Buy loads of the stuff…too much effort to put it on then stick my hands in water constantly (chip central). So now I have a collection

  10. What a great blog!! If you really want to have some fun, paint your face as a clown! You have to follow the contour lines of your face, and then you can have a blast with color! Think about it!!

  11. I just rediscovered makeup and having a fun with it. I love they way eye shadow completes my look.

  12. Hahaha Shego boost! Couldn’t help but think of Kim possible.
    That being said, brilliant reflection and play to the encouragement of others. It’s thoughtful, confident and most of all, a great read.

  13. Reblogged this on Alfonzo Words and commented:
    Hahaha Shego boost! Couldn’t help but thibk of Kim possible.
    That being said, brilliant reflection and play to the encouragement of others. It’s thoughtful, confident and most of all, a great read.

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