#Blog Feature – No Ordinary Woman

If you follow my blog you’ll remember that I set out to share blogs I enjoy.  I follow so many that I don’t always get to read all their posts so I binge-read.  Last time I featured the blog Vivabuys. This time around I’m sharing the blog of someone I’ve known since high school (I just realised that means we’ve known each other for twenty or more years!).  Let me introduce you to Celeste Jonker’s blog No Ordinary Woman.


No Ordinary Woman is a blog with a very distinct voice.  One that is all for empowering people but especially women.  The author herself is no ordinary woman.  If you are ever afforded the opportunity of meeting her you’ll find her to be refreshingly honest with quite an interesting outlook on life.  She oozes positive vibes.


Based in beautiful Cape Town this blog is filled with natural hair diaries to parenting stuffs and swift-kick-in-the-butt posts. Celeste’s writing style is conversational and refreshing.  And honest. She actually started out with her blog Surviving Jonkersville which provided much though and quite a few laughs and then progressed to where she is at today with No Ordinary Woman.  A positive change, indeed.


If you have a few moments to spare do yourself a favour and give No Ordinary Woman a visit.  Don;t be shy to let her know what you thing of her posts.  Feel free to comment.


You can connect with Celeste and No Ordinary Woman on the below social media links:








What are some of the blogs you follow?  Care to share them with me?  I love finding new blogs to read.  There’s just so much to learn out there.  Comment below and I’ll definitely check them out while you check No Ordinary Woman out  🙂


Chat soon!

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20 thoughts on “#Blog Feature – No Ordinary Woman

  1. thanks girl for sharing these blogs, great initiative! i checked celestes blog and it truly is amaze!

    1. I’ll share my community finds far and wide. She really is something else. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Will take a look at her blog. I’m all for women empowering other women. I personally follow parenting and travel blogs. 🙂

    1. I have no kids of my own but one can learn so much from mom and dad bloggers. I think kids teach us about life, really.

  3. I like that she is so positive and she has a distinct writing style as well. I like to read about peoples personal lives. Those are my favourite kind of posts to read x

    1. I think you might like Celeste in person. A strong woman and amazing mom indeed. I will be directing her to your blog too because I think she’ll definitely enjoy reading it 🙂

  4. I usually follow fashion bloggers because i really need to learn how to mix and match clothes. I also love following friends with travel bloga because seeing nature and the beauty of every country is dreamy ?

  5. I like that, swift kick in the butt post part. Could use more of those kinds of posts. I like top read fellow mommy blogs when I can. I’m always learning something new!

  6. Looks like another awesome blog for me to go and check out! Thanks for bringing this blog to my attention

  7. I love discovering new blogs. I will definitely check out Celeste’s blog. It sounds like a winner already. You complimented her on her writing style, but I think your writing style is amazing too! Very pleasant and easy to read!

  8. Awww, thank you for the blog love Shells.❤ You make my heart smile.

    Wow… “20 or more years” Time flies. Good golly it really has been that long.

    Having people like you in my life make me who I am. We’re all definitely No Ordinary Women ?

    1. Ag jinne you make me blush 😀 This was fun for me. I think the people who stay around the longest are the ones who add the greatest value. There’s a reason we actually like each other 😛

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