#BlogTemberChallenge – Intro to The Deal Is


I did a crazy thing and decided to join in on the #BlogTemberChallenge hosted by AfroBloggers.  This is where during the month of September 2017 there will be thirty posts over thirty days.  The purpose of this very first post is to introduce ourselves…so here goes…


Hi, I’m Shelley from Cape Town, South Africa.  The Deal Is is my voice and has been in existence on and off since 2007.  I have no idea how to define this blog.  I see people defining theirs as lifestyle blogs…but what exactly does that mean?


I pride myself in honest writing and feel quite strongly about women’s issues and find myself drifting more and more toward that.  I consider myself to be a cheerleader of my peers and anyone else who happens upon my way with a worthy cause or amazing talent.


I while back I wrote a post – Who is The Deal Is.  Why not check it out here?


Are you a blogger?  What got you started on your blogging journey?  Care to take part in the #BlogtemberChallenge? Visit the AfroBloggers website to see the set titles.


As always, thanks for stopping by and God bless


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