Book Review: “Break the Line” by Allison Mullinax


Break the Line is my first venture into the stylings of Allison Mullinax and, honestly, I think I’m a fan.


What a great story! You know, you pick a a romance and kinda get the gist of what the story is about because…it’s a romance…but somehow Break the Line is different.  Yes, it is a romance but it is written with great care which made it easy to read.  By saying that I mean that the story within the story was so human that I couldn’t put the book down.  The characters were well thought out.  The story has a great conversational flow which makes it easy to visualise the people and settings.  I was actually reading the spoken bits with a southern drawl in my mind.  I know…I’m strange but it’s true.


Danni-Rose has been imprisoned for six years since the incident.  She doesn’t realise the life within her.  then Benson comes along.  He is pretty sure of himself. Confident.  Maybe a tad cocky…but a likable guy.  They are an interesting pair with victories and failures.  Danni-Rose, Liza and Miz Penny represent every day women in different walks of life.  They are relatable characters and reflect what a great support system does.


I might have fallen a little bit in love with Benson.  He shows the actions of a real man.  Of owning up to one’s mistakes and making things right.  Of seeing the bigger picture and that there is so much more to life that what we perceive on the surface.


Allison Mullinax did a great thing penning this novel.  She is a fantastic storyteller and I cannot wait to read her next installment.  Break the Line is well written, well though out with great characters and an ease of flow.  If you haven’t yet read Break the Line…and if romance is your thing please read this.  If you’re not into romance but love a good story go ahead and give it a read as well.


I give break the Line a 4/5 for the story, a 5/5 for readability and a 4/5 overall…and I’m not an avid romance reader.


Well done Allison Mullinax on a great novel!


If you want you can check her out on the below links:






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