"Fairytale", our Tandem Blog topic for this week took me back to my wedding day. Thanks to Jilda G Photography for capturing our day into "thousand word notes". Mosey on over to see what Celeste and Chevone made of "Fairytale". Thanks for reading.


Into the backdrop of space and time Fading Drifting Into the roaring waves pulling… Drawing me Deeper Into a galaxy beyond that which we know Sinking Reaching Out from the abyss of that which is Fading Save me From the ever depressing mire You break me As I’m fading Into you This is the third [...]

Fire Wound

My wounds are on fire from the blaze that struck me And here comes a day that I woe most It adds to the searing heat of broken passions Unbridled kindles aflame This gaping slash…will it ever heal I wonder Do I move along Be stationary Together Alone Do I just be Oh take this [...]

Down With Love

If love be the stalker around the corner spying my comings and goingsThen I say down with loveIf love be the heartbreak after the subliminal disasterThen I say down with loveIf love be the quiet voice inside screaming noThen I say down with loveIf it be the wirling passion bringing on the insanityAnd insatiable hunger…thirst…needThen [...]

Make Sense of It

 Inside hurts it does much so Comprehend it can’t i Up muddled am I Stop it will? When? It shall? Pain incessant the my grieves bones Chill-out sensation the ended Blasted torpeded no the water of out Pangs hunger derision of Shall someday it end And it confusion the with Heart medned bleeding will the [...]

Dazzling Daze

See the dazzling dazedness dancing dreadfully around and around With no direction – no grace Just a sparkle of the hope that lurks beneath Yet still dazzlingly dazed in confusion And dancing, glistening, dreadfully Continually – for days and days Like life’s neverending story of ash and dust The daze dazzling in oblivion MAKE IT [...]

Total Eclipse

I have this never-ending waterfall This rock breaking to zillions of pieces Just 24hours ago it was all good Life was good Time was endless Till it stood still The eclipse broke me Shook me Rendered me utterly speechless The blanket will be covering me again Of the strongest fibre I can find To ensure [...]