Yes, please!
Can’t start my day without it.
Our love affair runs deep
I cannot explain
The special bond we share
Deep mocha flavoured goodness
Slowly my winning personality ebbs
Just one sip
And the world is as it should be
So…should you be at a loss
When the day is young and topsy-turvy
Ask me, “Coffee?”
My answer will always be
Yes, please!




 (c) 2016

“Coffee?” is this week’s tandem blog title.  I’m sure most can agree that the only thing that puts things right first thing in the morning is a good mug of coffee.

Please have some “Coffee?” with Celeste and Chevone, if you please.


As always, thanks for reading and God bless J

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4 thoughts on “Coffee?

    1. I suffer from the shiniest morning personality with zero brain function. Standard meds for the fix is double capp extra shot. The barristas know me well. Dunno if that’s a good or bad thing though…

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