A fluttering of little wings
So feather light within
A belly ache so terrifying
For what the future brings

The scent of roses, oh, so fragrant
Carried on the wind
The distant sound, the angel song
The happiness they bring

I walk along the river of red red wine
Smiles bestowed both left and right
I cannot, for the life of me
Contain my great delight

I float as in a dream
In radiance to you
We speak the words of promise
Both you and I…”I do”

The deed is done, forever spun
On this day for me and you
A day where we our union seal
Our fairytale come true

“Fairytale”, our Tandem Blog topic for this week took me back to my wedding day.  Thanks to Jilda G Photography for capturing our day into “thousand word notes”.   Mosey on over to see what Celeste and Chevone made of “Fairytale”.   Thanks for reading.

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