Falling In Love With New York City


Recently I took a trip to The Big Apple.  This was my third time.  In fact, I’ve been there twice this year.  First it was springtime in March then summertime in June.  I have never been there (or anywhere) for more than a weekend.  I am crazy like that.  Micro holidays work for me.  I go for the experience more than anything else.

New York is an ever-changing city.  For this Capetonian there are simply too many people.  But…the architecture…That I love.  The first time I went was three years ago.  Autumning in October 2013 was cold.  I don’t do cold.  The best thing about that trip was the shopping…and reigniting my love for Starbucks.


When I went there in March of this year I discovered something new.  I looked around me and saw the diversity in the architectural landscape of New York.  Driving from John. F. Kennedy International Airport, looking at the old houses of Jamaica as we pass them by on the freeway.  Passing old cemeteries as we make our way into Midtown, Manhattan.  Experiencing the traffic (I would never attempt to drive there…road rage issues).  Eventually reaching our destination – the fantastic Renaissance Hotel – right on Times Square I could see the city for what it was…  A  street photographer’s dream!


This time around (June 2016) I made the most of my time there.  I must’ve taken almost 500 photos.  I couldn’t help myself.  I know most people go to experience the place.  Give me old buildings and bridges and I am the happiest puppy ever.    I walked through areas I haven’t  been to before.  Places I have only ever heard of or seen on television. I have never walked this much in my life.  But it was all worth it.


The street art is fantastic.  The architecture something to behold.  The culture eclectic.  The feet in pain.



This is a place of photographic opulence.  A place I would like everyone to experience at least once.  A place of diversity  and extremities.  A place like no other.  If ever you find yourself with a few pennies to spare try making a trip.  It is expensive but you’ll be amazed at what one can fit into a weekend.


You can see more of this epic city on my Instagram (where all the pictures in this post is from).  The architecture is worth gushing about.

Every place reflects a uniqueness marked by its richness drenched in history.


Do yourself a favour.  Go there.


All you need is a weekend.



© Shelley Smidt-Booys 2016


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14 thoughts on “Falling In Love With New York City

  1. I will live through your experience Shells. I will feel a bit caged in a place that is a hive of human traffic. Your images are fantastic!

  2. Ooh New York,concrete jungle where dreams made off.This is on my bucket list from the time I can remember.I always dreamed of visiting this beautiful city.

  3. This such a lovely post. I loved the pic of the theatre. My dream is to see a theatre production on Broadway one day!

  4. New new. York. Love the city when featured in movies! It’s conic hey Shelley! Btw we have Starbucks here in Oz now??

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