Goodbye, Our Love

Last night I had a dream
It wasn’t pleasant
This morning came the news
You are no longer present


I look out the window
Teardrops from Heaven
Falling from my eyes
My heart heavy-laden


Your big bear hug
I will no longer feel
I cherish it forever
Your love for me was real


I miss you already
Your smile, your laugh
Your quiet nature
Your slanted hat, always looking sharp


I’m so proud I had the privilege
Of knowing you
I am one lucky girl
To have had an uncle so true


Join with your father
Mother, brother, son
They must be rejoicing
To have you among


From your humble beginnings
To the successes you’ve reached
We are mighty proud of you
You’ve had a beautiful innings


Now go with the angels
Oh, one I love
Till the day I see you again
In the Heaven’s above



***Uncle Charles – you will forever remain a superstar in our hearts.  We are thankful for the time we had you.  Now joined with De, Mama, Uncle Clive and Eugene.  We love you all – always and forever.



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