How To…

How to make the little marshmallow
Gurgle in delight?
Tickle, feed, burp, repeat.

How to make the little princess
Blossom and glow?
A touch of Mom’s makeup and heels.

How to make the brave star
Bark with glee?
Let her climb that tree.

How to make the tween
Twist and shout?
Get her that cd.

How to make the hellion
Find her way?
Patience and a ready ear.

How to make the Smart Aleck
See reason?
Educate her.

How to make Miss Independent
Grow into her own?
Encourage her.

How to make the woman
Be all she can be?

All of the above.

Feed her, clothe her
Let her dream
Let her see
How strong she can be

In troubled times
Let her lean
When she’s lost in the night
Shine your beam

Give her books to read
Tell her stories of old
Open her mind
Make her bold

Help her to take root
Plant the seed of light
Let her thoughts germinate
To flower in sight

In doing all this
You give her
The thing she treasures most

Your love for her.
In turn…she will pass it on
Because you
Showed her how

Thank you for reading today’s Tandem Blog topic, “HowTo…”.  Please have a read at what Celeste and Chevone had to say.   We’ll be back at 1pm next week Thursday with more.

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9 thoughts on “How To…

  1. This made me think of my girls and makes me want to be the best mom to them. My heels and make do not agree though. They’ve been bruised and battered too many times. Ha ha…

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