I Ain’t Mad At Ya!

You did me real bad
Got me oh…so sad
With heart in hand
I stand…



Moving forward
You will get your reward
Hit me with your sword
And not a kind word?



Well… it’s all good
You had me fooled
Thought I was your jewel
But, oh, the heart is cruel



Won’t see you as my foe
I’m a better person, see
After the lesson you taught me
I ain’t mad at ya



I ain’t mad at ya
Message received
You actually set me free
So…I ain’t mad at ya
I’m mad at me…


©Shelley Smidt-Booys 2016.



“I Ain’t Mad At Ya” is today’s tandem blog title.  Have a read at Celeste and Chevonés interpretations.  They’re fatastic!
As always…thanks for reading and God bless.
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