I Hurt

I hurt
You don’t see it
But I hurt


My despair is invisible
To the un-beholding eye
Utterly invisible


My psyche
Annihilates my being
Destroys me

You look at me
You don’t see me
Not really

You see
Only that which you want to see
Not the real me

I am broken
I cannot be repaired
Nothing held me fast in the first place

You look at me
All I see is pity in your mirror
A reflection of misery

I have hope
Someday I’ll find peace
For my inner war

Help me
Reach out to me
Show me humanity

I am different
Yet we are the same
Reach out to me

I hurt
You don’t see it
But I hurt


© Shelley Smidt-Booys 2015.  All rights reserved.


PS: I have added this post to the “Mental Health and Me” writing prompt for Mental Health Week on The Blog Tag.



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