I joined a blogging community called The Blog Tag.  Every week we’re given a new theme.  The aim is to help bloggers with inspiration for their posts.  This week is Art Week.  We’re also given writing prompts every day.  The writing prompt for this post is “What is Your Favourite Art Form?”.  You may be able to tell from the title…I LOVE music.

Me singing at my cousin’s wedding

My love for music is something I struggle to verbalise.  Music is in me.  Music is me.  I think lyrically.  To me there is a song for every occasion.  I was the young girl who knew the lyrics to every song growing up.  My parents always used to ask if I knew my schoolwork as well as I knew all those songs.  I think it is fair to say that music raised me.   My dad used to play music in the house all the time when I was little.  Culturally we were “supposed” to listen to soulful genres only.  However, in our home we had all flavours (yes flavours) flowing through the speakers. My introduction to the world of music was definitely the Jacksons,  I was born in the very very early 80’s (which was an awesome time for music and a scary time for fashion).  I can remember a young Michael Jackson rocking me to sleep most days.

I can remember a time in primary school (Std 4 which is now Grade 6) at one of our end-of-term parties where I had to perform the song “Informa” by Snow to the class.  Not a song a 12-year-old girl should’ve known, but hey, I’ve always been a tad different to the rest.  I love the beat and  tone and impressed myself very much when I could do the rap as well.  So, I became the regular party trick at school.  The rapping girl.

I can remember seeing socio-political unrest as an eight-year-old walking home.  I lived with my gran during the week and us kids were sheltered from the politics of the time very well.  Race talk didn’t happen around us much.  That one day, however, opened my innocent eyes.  It was a time of freedom in unity via the medium of music.  I remember those songs of freedom so well.    The music taught me more than anything else could.  The artist vehicle preached peace and freedom.  Music sparked a common dialogue.  Lifted spirits toward a common goal.


It spoke of risilience and determination.  Of the strength of the human spirit.


Music opened my eyes to the going’s on beyond our borders.  With political oppression was not the only injustice in the world…So many are out there fighting economic oppression.  I am sure there are many who will disagree with me, but, I feel there is truth Tupac.  The man, in my opinion, was “Ghetto Gospel”.  He wasn’t just a thug but he opened the eyes of those outside the US.  We have a tendency to glamourise things.  Tupac showed us that “the more things change the more they stay the same.  The song “Changes” is a constant on my playlist.  I have been listening to it since my early teens.  Sadly, today the words still hold true.

Another song which highlighted the world beyond my world has to be “Zombie” by The Cranberries.  War has never been pretty…When the voice of Dolores O’Riordan sings one takes note.  Her voice is hauntingly beautiful and really pierces the heart.  She had me wondering if I was a zombie…just following the crowd.  A question to always ask yourself: “What’s in your head?”.

I was a bit shy growing up.  Most don’t believe it but it’s true.  I never knew how to express myself.  Music always spoke for me.  Music was my go-to if I needed to affirm that I was okay.  Music helped me believe in myself.  Music helped me see that trials only serve to make me stronger.  I used to feel like the biggest loser most days.  Like I was less-than.  That was until I heard the lyrics to Brian McKnight’s “Win”.  If I need help putting my game-face on..this is my fix.


I just realised I’ve been leaning toward melancholy…heavily.  Good thing I love to dance.  I love discovering new music.  Not so hot about the modern mainstream hype and all that.  There are a few of the newer artists I really love though. Here is Tuxedo “Do It”.  Gets my feet moving everytime I listen to it.


Then, of course, there’s nothing like Friday 80’s funk.  I have mini concerts whilst driving.  Nothing gets me all funked out like Fox the Fox though.



So music.  My love.  My manner of speaking.  My expression.  I really really really love music.  It’s saved me from my dark thoughts more times than not.  It’s been my voice for so long.  It is still the one way I can express  myself and others can feel my heart.  I live for #theloveofsong.





Thank you for reading.



© Shelley Smidt-Booys 2016.  All rights reserved.



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