If only you knew
You would be witnessing a miracle

If you had only remained warm
You’d see the silver lining

Had you but been wiser
You would now enjoy your heart’s labour

Were you not so proud
Walls would tumble down

If you cannot see
Open your inner eye

If you only will
Then we two can…

Open the shutters
Feel the Son’s ray

I could one day beam at you
As I did galaxies ago

Burst forth with life anew
Break down the fort

But for now I cannot
While lava rises still

Maybe…one day


“If” is the title for today’s tandem post. Please go and have a look at the interpretations of my tandem buds Celeste and Chevone. Thank you for reading.

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3 thoughts on “If…

  1. Ooohhhhhh someone who holds a grudge?who hasn’t opened their heart to welcome the development of a relationship or friendship? My high school English teacher would totally have a field day with this one

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