Introducing: Sassy Shekinah

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Recently – whilst browsing Facebook – I came across this post for a Thundafund thingy.  I clicked. I read. I reflected.  What this post was saying resonated with me deeply.


I’d like to introduce you to Erin Martin.  Erin and I went to high school together.  I should actually say we attended the same high school but were never friends. Now I cannot understand how we never really chatted other than on the track.  High school was a different dimension.  I read her Thundafund profile for Sassy Shekinah which speaks a little about her experiences in high school and life after and I knew I wanted to support her vision.  Erin is a Biokineticist by trade and a great mom and giver by calling.  In short, she’s a nurturer.


Erin has a vision.  One I would like to present to you.  It’s called Sassy Shekinah.

My definition of Sassy Shekinah would be Bold Glory (as in the manifestation of the glory of God) –  like the woman birthing her…Lively, bold and full of spirit.


sassy shekinah
Courtesy of Sassy Shekinah


Sassy Shekinah is a kind of one-stop-shop for women.  A salon and in-house medics for women of all walks of life.  Why?  Because as women we tend to neglect ourselves a bit. We sometimes fail to realise that in order to take care of the ones we love we must love ourselves enough first and in so doing taking care of self is taking care of loved ones.  Imagine having your hair done at the same place you do your screening tests.  In essence it Sassy Shekinah is a wellness centre for women. A holistic approach – saving time whilst taking time out.


Erin has an intense love for women.  You should see her glow when she talks about Sassy Shekinah.  I would like to help her make this dream a reality.  Will you help me help Erin?


How can you help?

  1. Share this post – create awareness
  2. Go to and pledge
  3. Spread the word – help a sister out


To go to the Thundafund page click here.

You can also connect with Erin on LinkedIn.


Erin wants to give all women a shego boost.  Let’s give her one by helping her vision become reality.







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  1. All the best to Erin and to Sassy Shekinah! It sounds like a really great all-in-one place for wellness.

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