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This week on The Blog Tag we talk about all things Art ad what it means to us,  The writing prompt for this post is “My encounter with Art“.


We encounter art daily.  I consider mankind an art-form.  We are a created creation.  That’s my opinion.  We are creators in our own right.  Many of us gifted with the ability to create beautiful, useful and nifty things.  Some of us are great orators.  Some great dancers and singers.  Some are great wordsmiths and others great inventors.  Whatever your art-form you are affected in some way or other.  


I am a musical being.  I create music with my mind and mouth.  Music is my great love.  My escape from the chaos around me (even the chaos I create for myself).   But there is another art-form that evokes deep emotion within me time and time again.  Sometimes it makes me happy.  Sometimes it gets me downright emo.  I love it in full colour but what I find most poignant is when it’s devoid of all colour.  When all one sees is the light and shade.  There are those of us who have been blessed with bountiful beauty and belong in front of the lens.  Me?  My place s behind.  Not because I feel I lack in the beauty department.  I’m friggin’ gorgeous.  However, I like to be the one privileged to capture fleeting moments and beautiful exchanges.


Photography allows me to take a closer look at things.  It has taught me to appreciate my surroundings.  I love taking pictures when I’m on my travels.  One does not need the most sophisticated camera.  I use a tablet and my smartphone.  There is something magical about seeing something in it’s simplest and showing the world how beautiful life is without all the clutter we have around ourselves.  If you haven’t guessed it yet, I am talking about black and white photography.


There is a photographer whose work I really enjoy.  When I look at his pictures all I see is truth.  He goes by o_milone.  See his IG feed here.  He is amazing.


Black and white pictures allows one to see what one wouldn’t otherwise have seen.  The essence of the subject.  Seeing beyond the colour.  Seeing the light in the shade.



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