Lost and Found


Sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss I try fighting my way out to no avail.  I hear vague, urgent voices in the background.  I feel cold.  My body aches.  And then…I remember…


I covered my tracks well.  I know I did…But how?…Name changed.  Hair changed.  Everything right down to my personal identity changed.  I am no longer me…and yet…


I got up this morning.  Looked out the window and admired the beauty of nature.  Appreciating the scent and sight of a new day.  I drank my cup of liquid gold to get me going.  Jumped in and out of the shower and headed for work.  It took a while but eventually I found a job somewhere down the bottom of the totem pole at an indie record label.  I absolutely love what I do.  Especially the level of independence it gives me.  Something I didn’t have before.  I tried years ago to get into the industry and never found joy.  At least I know the reason for that now.


So, anyway, I walked to work (living just a few blocks away).  It was an amazingly beautifully bright day.  I thought to myself that things were finally looking up for me.  I finally caught a break!  My day was just so happy that when a colleague invited me out for Friday night after work sun-downers with the rest of the team  I accepted.  Something I never did before.  I had such a great time enjoying the company of these amazing people that I’ve been shying away from for so long.  Sipping on my virgin mojito.  Oh, why virgin?  I detest alcohol and what it does to certain people…with reason.  So I steer clear of it.


As the night winded down one of my colleagues offered my a lift home.  I accepted because we were now on the other side of town.  It was such a pleasant drive home.  He was an absolute gentlemen…but life has taught me not to trust.  It was a short drive.  Ten minutes and we were parked outside my apartment block.  I said my thanks, waved goodbye and entered the building.  Only after making sure he had driven off did I proceed to walk into the stairwell.  I never take the elevator. I feel trapped in that confined space.


Once inside I took the first step and looked up into steely grey eyes.  He found me!  I was planted to that spot for what seemed like aeons .  He’d found me. I took a step back.  “Are you not going to welcome me up?”, he said.  I couldn’t speak.  My voice couldn’t escape my head.  I wanted to scream but found I had suddenly lost the ability. Years of training had taught me to know better.  I turned around, opened the door and ran for dear life into the ominously quiet streets.


I wasn’t fast enough.


There was no one else about.  Just us two.  Him and I.  Again. The rage I saw when I dared to look into his eyes scared me lifeless.  “If I can’t have you…no one can”.  Words I’ve heard countless times.  Words that warned me I was his possession.  A flash of light and a chill against my temple.  And then…darkness.  I faintly heard him walk away.  .  Hesitate turn around…then walk on.  Cold, he left me for dead. I lay there in my crimson pool and drifted away.  A sound draws me out from my slumber.  Sirens.  Someone must’ve called for an ambulance.  Someone next to me…Someone I don’t know.  I felt myself being lifted onto a gurney.  Heard the doors closing.  Sensed the urgency around me.And then…I was gone.


Two weeks later I awoke from my deep sleep.  I remembered what had happened.  According to the doctors I was fortunate.  A head shot that should’ve killed me yet by some miracle I survived.


He didn’t break me.  He did not silence me.


I’ll survive.



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22 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Beautiful piece. You had my attention with the first few words in your starting paragraph. I am now a fan. Will keep on visiting this blog! What a great writer you are.

    1. Thank you for reading Stella. This piece is fictional but I there are so many for whom this is reality. It’s just a topic that haunts me, I guess.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this piece, Agnes. Fortunately it is fictional but you pay me a great compliment 🙂

  2. I didn’t expect the end would be that dramatic! That’s quite scary especially it happens as well in real. You’re talented writer and I enjoyed reading this.

  3. As someone who has experienced violence, your post really resonated with me and I felt awful for the unnamed girl. You should really write more fiction, your prose is stunning and I liked your use of wordplay x

  4. OMG so well written. I’m amazed that you managed to fit so much information into so little words. It captured me from the very beginning and look forward to see what happens next.

  5. I really enjoyed this narrative! Beautifully written, please continue to write more 🙂

  6. What happens next? I’d like to read a bit about the colleague. . . “a blinking light caught his eye as he realised she’s dropped her phone in his car, he made a u-turn . . .”

    1. Oh…there’s more to come lol. I’m starting to wonder if I can write anything happy but this story just won’t let me go.

  7. Shelley did you experience this!?oh my god i cant say anything im in shock…and out of words!…i really dunno what to say nothing comes into my mind except=> braveness oh my god this is pure strength!!i really do appreciate that you are brave enough to talk about this incident!and btw you are a very talented writer!when i read this i immediately felt the situation!inclusive the atmosphere and just everything seemed so real!!keep posting i think you are a role model for a lot of people!

    1. Chindusha, you pay me a HUGE compliment! Thank you!!!

      This is a fictional piece I’ve been working on over time. If you click on the green text in the story it will take you to the related posts about this girl who still doesn’t have a name two years after I first introduced her.

      Again, thank you!

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