“No! Please don’t!”, she pleaded as the darkness washed over her.  She could not believe this was happening again.  She had made solitude her prized companion.  How could this be happening?

For two years she has managed to wander…faceless…nameless.  Fading into the background from city to city.  Being recognised could be so costly.  She took up small jobs to sustain herself.  Lived off the grid as best she could.  She was so careful.  Hoping…Praying to never be discovered. Yet, here she was…the lost had been found. For years she fought.

Fought for survival.  For her sanity.  For her dignity.  The only option was to run.  To escape.  But…he found her…again.

“Please, don’t hurt me”, she cried hoping he would just, this one time, leave her be.  But no…he gripped tighter still.  He could taste her fear and it excited him.  Egged him on.  For years he searched for her.  When would she realise she was his alone?  She would pay dearly for leaving him again.  “You’re mine”,  he rasped at her.  “You should never have left me.  You should’ve known better.  I own you”.  He glared at her as a sinister silence enveloped them.

What had she done wrong?  How did he find her?  She was always so careful about her comings and goings.  She could smell his acrid essence as he breathed into her, bile rising up in her burning throat.  She had to escape.  If she didn’t…   No!  She had to find a way.  Soon.   She had to take matters into her own hands and go missing.  This time…for good.

Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s Tandem post “Missing”.  Please check out my partners’ interpretations of “Missing”.  Click here for Celeste and here for Chevone.  We’ll be back with more next week Thursday at 1pm.

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14 thoughts on “Missing

  1. Stephen King’s Rose Madder comes to mind….gripping story.Agree with Chevs,was expecting a poem!But this is phenomenonal?

  2. Shelley, and here I wondered what poem you would create today! Wow, I am blown away, “this time forever…”

    1. LOL! I am thinking of fleshing it out some. My colleague thinks it should be a book…but do I have the patience? I must say I’m proud of this piece.

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