My Heart Bleeds

My heart bleeds
It bleeds for you, for me
For we are dying
By the hands of those we breed

Free but not freed
Do you see our need
Of a covering which you
Are supposed to be?

The head fermented
Rots the whole
Feelings suspended
No joy in our soul

To feel release
Power unleashed
Reflecting pure

We fight back, fists raised
We shout, cry out, moan, wail
Our injury won’t heal
If you don’t take heed

Stand with us
Cover us
Protect us
You are us

We are you
When we bleed
You bleed too
You die with us, Boo

Wash our blood from your hands
It’s time you take a stand
For children. For women.
Stand up and be a man

You might be one who is true
But right now, you see
Those ones daring the deed…
Represents ALL, unfortunately

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