My Open Letter To…The Bully

This week on The Blog Tag we have the theme of Literature.  The prompt for this post is “My Open Letter To…”.


Dear Bully

I know it’s been a while.  I thought I’d update you on my life.  And how awesome it has turned out…despite your nay-saying.


Throughout primary school you had a problem with my hair.  It had too much kink – not to your liking.  You felt you had to point that out. Every time.  Too much volume.  Called it steelwool when wet-styled. Then there was my buck-teeth….Bugs Bunny you called me.  A name I would’ve been okay with had you not already labelled my tresses.  What was that other name you called me…Skeletor!  Made no sense because the actual Skeletor had muscles.  I was just a prepubescent kid who had not yet grown into her lanky frame.  But it’s okay.  I’m not yet broken.


Playing in the street was a nightmare simply because of the language barrier…Yours, not mine.  Yet you ensured I felt like a dufus because I could (or at least attempted very bravely to) speak your language when you did not give mine the same chance.  Joke’s on you…you need my mother-tongue to get by today.


High school came and the taunting continued.  I did not wear the brands you deemed worthy of being declared cool.  My bad.  I didn’t know I was put on this earth to be your clone.  Every time I walked past you you’d giggle…say something to your friends and outright laugh at me.  I was never invited to be a member of the cool brigade.  Apparently I was in my own world…yet I had a crew.  One who accepted me for who I was.  Not my outward appearance…The inner me was all they could see.


Roll on the rest of life.  Have you forgotten?  Have you not realised?  School is over.  We’ve all grown up.  Yet you persist in commenting about my weight.  My shape.  My lacks and excesses.  Please.  Grow up.  We all cannot be you.  Neither do we all want to be you.


I like me.  I like my style.  I have my own swag.  I think I am hecka funny and have a personality of note.  I do not need you to validate me. I am my own validation.  I am tall, strong and motivated.  I have vision and meaning.  I matter.  I count.  You did not make me so don’t for one second thing you could break me.


I’m one tough cookie.  I have had some hairy times but yet…here I am…despite your method of breaking me down to the lowest common denominator.  You see, I thought I needed it back then but I never did.  Your validation, that is.  But I thank you.  I thank you for helping me see what kind of people I do not need in my life.  You certainly forced me to strengthen my resolve.  That’s not a compliment, by the way.


I am tough.  I am intelligent.  I am a go-getter.  I believe in myself and my abilities.  No thanks to you.


I hope your life turned out great and that you have never had to endure what you put me through.


Have a good life.






© Shelley Smidt-Booys and [2016]





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13 thoughts on “My Open Letter To…The Bully

  1. Absolutely amazing, you don’t need validation from anyone. You are unique and beautifully created to be you. That was an awesome post.

  2. Hi Shelley, your words are powerful. Thank you for sharing this. Throughout life there are always people that will bully you but you are right we don’t need validation from anyone. I am sorry to hear that you were bullied but I am happy that you can share your story and help others.

  3. Shelley, you are so right. You do not need anyone to validate you! I vaguely remember being called “maanhaar” in primary school because of my unmanageable short hair.

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