Never Stop…

There are times we must first feel the ache
Before we can appreciate the radiance
Sometimes it’s the little things
That keeps us in the balance

After we have rolled in the mud
We shall dance in the rain
Feeling the showers wash over us
Cleansing us of our pain

Often times when life sucks magnificently
Triumph is waiting in the wings
To succeed that which drags us down
To cause our hearts to once again sing

Sometimes we need to knock our head
To shout “Eureka!”
A little bump
Never hurt anybody

Always we need to experience
To fully appreciate
What we have been given

Look to the one on your left, your right
Take stock every now, then and again
Roll tape from day one to now
How have you treated yourself, would you do it all again?

Now look around
What can you change?
In the case of your life
Evolution’s not such a bad idea

Time to step up
Out into existence
Facing the challenge head-on
Never stop…being you

No matter what may come to infirm you
Grab every little flutter of joy
Whatever you do
Never stop…Living


© Shelley Smidt-Booys 2015.  All rights reserved.

“Never Stop…” is this week’s tandem title. Please have a read at the interpretations of Celeste and Chevone. We’ll see you for another instalment 1pm next week Thursday.

As always, thanks for reading and God bless!


PS: I have added this post to the “Relationships” writing prompt for Mental Health Week on The Blog Tag.


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11 thoughts on “Never Stop…

    1. Thanks Juliana! I always think when life sucks…it does so magnificently (maybe just for me because of my pre-coffee morning charm), but somehow good things just happen as the day stumbles along. It’s all about the little things, I guess…and coffee 🙂 Thank you fro reading!

      1. Indeed it is all in the little things – each of which is filled with beauty, if only we pause long enough to notice.

        I’ve never jived with “fake it til you make it” – energetically it doesn’t add up for me. But “Faith it til you make it” totally and entirely does. ?

  1. I think WP hates me today. Have been trying to comment more than once. Let’s try this again.

    Eureka!!! A lovely and thought provoking post. Thank you for writing this Shells.

  2. Lovely post Shelley. While reading this it made me question my life with each paragpraph. Thanks for the reminder.

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