New Chapter – Renewed Focus

If I were to describe 2018 in one word it would be “challenging”. It kicked my butt hard and handed said butt back to me on a silver platter.  Quite frankly, like many out there, I am happy to be done with it. Last year saw one of us losing a parent, work challenges, carving out time for ourselves and just a whole lot of stuff…life was a maze. I can’t even remember half of what happened because it was a manic whirlwind.  There was some good though – it wasn’t all bad.  I just all a blur…

I am determined that 2019 will be a whole lot better.

The Plan

I’ve set the challenge to read fifty (50) books this year. A book a week is doable, right? Right. You can follow my progress on Goodreads if you’re interested. I would love to visit Germany and maybe make another trip to somewhere in greater Africa.  A roadtrip anywhere in South Africa is always great but I will admit I am partial to the West Coast.

The hubster and I are working very hard on our business Evergreen Design Bench.  This is a labour of love and we’d really love for it to pay us at some point.  We’ve found our peace in creating beautiful things together – for this I am thankful and believe that our little workshop will grow.


2018 was challenging…but we made it out okay.  We have a roof over our heads, food in the cupboard and we’re clothed and employed.  We have it better than so many.  No matter how tired we may get we run the distance and stick to the goal.  I just realised I made this a “we” post which is something I’ve never done before…

We are eternally grateful to Him who has carried us through a trying year and look forward to what 2019 brings with renewed focus – never losing sight of our vision.

Thank you for taking time to read my ramblings.  It feeds my shego greatly.  You are appreciated.

May 2019 be a year of great opportunity and realisation of dreams.  May it be joyful and prosperous to you and yours. 

From me to you…Blessed 2019.

Let’s rock this boat

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