In silent stealth I come
In the dead of night

Clouds cover the moon
Guarding my shadow

I look left
The only way is straight ahead


My blade
It cuts through your strings

My footing sure
I have you, secure

Within my grasp
I’ll save you

No backward glance
Forward only…always

The moon, it hides us
No shadows linger

Hold on
Hold on

I will not let you go
I have you secure

Your blue-purple green
Will soon fade away

Clarity will come
Will be your friend

Look ahead
Look ahead

You have what you need
You will make it, you’ll see

You see the light ahead?
Now look within

Within you see
The Ninja

We decided to carry on with the Tandem Blog. We enjoy it way too much. Please check out Celeste’s and Chevone’s interpretation of NINJA. Thanks for reading.

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