He broke my heart.  #menaretrash.  He’s a deadbeat dad #menaretrash.  He this.  He that.




Not all men are not trash.


So you’ve had your heart broken.  He’s left you with a bunch of kids.  He’s betrayed your trust.  Out him…not ALL men.  In fact, stop airing your dirty laundry for all to see.  Everyone on social media is NOT your friend.  Not everyone has your back.  There are those who are out for a good story and you putting your “personal” life up for discussion is just providing a juicy titbit.




As women, we don’t like being called “bitch” …so why call men trash?  What makes it right?  Some of us can be downright trashy toward men who do not deserve it.


Yes, there are men out there who are utter dogs but think of those who are not.  The fathers fighting to see their kids when the baby-mama’s use the child to spite them.  The girl who doesn’t appreciate the good man she has and makes life difficult for him.  Do something for your man sometimes.  He’s with you because he wants to be with you but your attitude could drive him away some day if you don’t watch out.  The ladies dating a single dad who cannot understand why she cannot be number one in his world.  You’re not his wife and have no need to be jealous of the child.  Love the child…he/she is a part of him.  Oh, and those dating married men (knowingly).  You’re in a category all your own…



To the men out there who treat women with respect even when they don’t always deserve it…I salute you.  You are awesome humans.  Sometimes we brush you with the same brush as the idiots who go around breaking hearts on purpose and it’s not fair.



You have a son?  Teach him to be a man.  You’re a single mother?  You already have balls of steel but it’s not being weak to ask for help – it is difficult for a mother to raise a man the same way it is difficult for a father to raise a woman.  We all need help sometimes.



Why not join Ruth-Mandy Abercrombie and I and exalt the men in your life who are anything but trash.  Spread the positive. Drop the negative.


You should read what Ruth-Mandy had to say about this.  Click on the green to get there.




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