Not All That Bad

Started life in what some would consider a ghetto
Playing “catch” in the street
Orange curlers in my hair
It wasn’t all that bad

Was part of the BMX brigade
I had a mountain bike
Some rode Mongoose
It wasn’t all that bad

Rocked the oatmeal Pepe Jeans
Didn’t need the Homeboy
Wanted 501’s so bad but couldn’t justify
But it wasn’t all that bad

Decided to go to Technikon
The ancients wanted university
The status changed a few years later
Wasn’t all that bad

Once lived in a mansion
Ripped from it into a singular room
Worked had, now I have my own abode
Didn’t turn out so bad

I might not have had the rosiest life
I certainly had it better than many
I can look back and be thankful
For all I was given… and not

I had a roof over my head
A place to rest
Clothes on my body
And shoes on my feet

I have friends more than foe
I do not have much
But I have life

All in all my life is
Not that bad…
Compared to that of some

“Not All That Bad”  is today’s Tandem Blog title.  Why not have a look to see what my tandem buddies, Celeste and Chevone have to say?

Thank you for reading and God bless!

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