I’ve been reading and watching the news – checking out our new breed of “freedom fighters”.  Running around ruining history past and present.  I am utterly disgusted by their behaviour.


Their ideology might be noble…their “revolutionary” assault not so much.  I get that they’d like to see change.  So would we.  Change, however, is a very slow process.  Not something to be rushed.  One does not bring about change by using “counter-revolutionary” measures.  Basically, what I’m saying is two wrongs do not make a right.  One cannot fight fire with fire…yada-yada…   Have these young “adults” ever heard the term “kill them with kindness”?  It really does work.


One teaches others how to treat you.  Basically, these kids need a “taai-klap”.  This tantrum-throwing nonsense is not on.  They are wasting my money.  I don’t like when people waste my money.  I really don’t.


“Freedom fighters”- if you want to be treated with respect you need to stop acting like hooligans.  If you want to be taken serious you need to stop expecting to get results by vandalising things you didn’t pay for (or create).  Do not expect us to pacify you by entertaining you “entertainment”.


Your sense of entitlement is costing me so much money.  Have you ever considered the tax payer – your parents – in all this ranting that you disguise in protest?  Have you ever considered that for everything you break your parents have to fork out more pennies, bringing less and less into the home to clothe and feed you?  Children, there are many different avenues one can use to take action these days.  Look to Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.  Pacified protest does work…Look to your mothers and fathers.  They do pacified protests daily.  They’re not taking things lying down.  They’re just dealing with things like adults.  Here’s a tip…or few:

  1. Don’t like racism?  Don’t be racist in return.  Deal with it, it’s a part of life.   You be kind and take proper steps to deal with it.  It’s the little things.  A kind act may just change how someone views a whole race of people.  It’s happened.
  2. Learn to hold your tongue and use your brain instead.  It’s amazing the ideas one comes up with when one thinks before blabbing.
  3. Want to be taken seriously?  Want to be treated like an adult?  Act like one.  Adulting is serious business.


Unfortunately, little darlings, life is not an easy ride.  Those of us who have lived a little can tell you some wonderful stories of how we have been treated in the workplace.  How we fought to get an education.  How we’ve risen from our circumstances despite the multitude of odds stacked against us.  We worked bloody hard to reach our current destinations.


The “man” is not treating you less-than.  You’re doing a stellar job by proving yourself to be such all on your own.  I cannot respect your actions.  They (your actions) cannot be validated.


Grow up.  Suck it up.  It’s time to adult.  Stop wasting my money.

Stop being pacifiers.

That’s right…

Stop being dummies.

You have the opportunity do do more – be grateful to those who have gone before you to pave the way.  All you’re doing now is make them hang their heads in shame.


I have (some) faith that you can do better.  That there is some level of maturity lurking about somewhere.  Please, prove me right.



This week’s tandem topic is “Pacifiers”.  This is an opinion piece for me simply because I’m agitated by the agitation.  Again, this is not intended to offend anyone, person or group.  It is merely my opinion.

Please have a read on the topic by my tandem buddies Celeste and Chevone.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read and God bless.

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6 thoughts on “Pacifiers

  1. Had a conversation with someone this morning along this line.

    Love the pacifiers/ dummies analogy.

    Another point to consider is the fact that many “grown ups” (the ones older than you and I are blatanly rude at times too. I had a woman dismissing me in a store just last week because I’m a child in her eyes. Technically I am, but it gave her no right to be rude because I happen to be 3 little people’s mom as well. My response to her that day: “You know I suddenly realised why kids have no respect for adults. We don’t give them much to respect or look up to.” I’m sure she wanted to take me across her lap that instant. Hahaha…

    1. Love it! You have a point about some of the older folk. At some point kids grow up and become parents themselves. Deserving respect has nothing to do with age. But, you know, some people just cannot wrap their minds around that idea.

  2. I am so very tired of all these destructive protests! So much so that I’ve stopped following the news on it, more damage than good, just when you think it’s over, a new reason to protest pops up and more destruction . . .

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