Page 51

(This week we were challenged to go to Page 51 of a random book and start our piece with the last line/sentence of the page.  Our book is PLAYBOYSKOOL (How to Get Pull and Get Laid) by Nick Starr. “Let’s roll…”)

Let’s roll…
Roll along the highways and byways
Of our connected cosmos…
Along the murky way of life.

Let’s roll in and out of the technicolour swirl…
The kaleidoscope of culture and creed…
Roll the identity of you and I
Into us and we.

Let’s roll all our differences into an unreserved common…
Common dialogue, common thought,
Common goal…Common humanity.

Let’s roll away the tumbleweed
Of cultural insecurity…
Roll the identity of you and I
Into us and we.

What do you say?
Will you roll with me?
Let’s aid our future
By changing our present…

C’mon…Let’s roll!

This is the second installment in a Tandem Blog Series by Celeste of Surviving Jonkersville, Chevonne of Chev’s Life and Shelley…that’s me.  Thank you for taking the time to read.  We’ll be back with another installment next Thursday at 1pm.

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