Pick Me! Pick Me!

So, about two months ago I went for a job interview. I’m somewhat of a professional job hunter so was glad to get an invitation after a whole lot of nothing. Seriously, the “regret to inform you” letter is better than “nothing tastes like Fresca” (some might be too young to get this).

So, I go for the interview. It goes well. The next day I’m called for a second viewing. That goes well too. Then…nothing…again…Story of my life. Anyhoo, I was on tenterhooks. My nerves were shot. Didn’t they like me? I thought they did. I’m sure my aura shouted “Pick me! Pick me!”

Two weeks back I received a call from the agent. The contract was on its way! I released that breathe I held for so long…Two years to be exact. The relief that washed over me!

So, today I sit here on my first day and all can say is God is good. I picked Him and, whoa, how blessed I am!

This title is written in tandem with Celeste and Chevone. Thank you for reading and God bless!

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8 thoughts on “Pick Me! Pick Me!

  1. Congrats! Job hunting can be such a demotivating journey, good on you for persevering 🙂
    I get Fresca, so must be old then 😉

  2. Congraaaaatulations!!!! I am so happy for you. *Doing happy dance*

    Enjoy every minute of your first day and good luck on the next few weeks. It’s going to be a major adjustment from your normal routine.

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