# Playlist – 90’s Boy Bands of Pop Music


So, when I think back to high school and how teenage girls reacted to bands breaking up…specifically bands made up of of four or more persons of the male persuasion I have a good giggle.  All the hysteria that accompanied the enjoyment of the music performed by these clean-cut, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed young men…Ah…the memories.  


I thought I’d share some of my favourite picks with you today,  There we’re so many good groups back then that narrowing it down to just five proved difficult.  So, instead I went by songs that stood out for me.  These are just a few that remain on my playlist today.


 1. Westlife (thankfully, they appealed to the parentals as well)


2. Backstreet Boys

3. N’Sync (this song, to me, is simply timeless)


4. Take That (remember the day they announced their split?  All the tears around the school from 14 and 15-year-old girls!  Not me though…)


5. East 17 (this remains one of my favourite songs to this very day.  Don’t ask me why…I just love it)


Well, that’s my flashback to teenagedom,  What are some of the songs or groups you enjoyed from that era?  Let me know in the comments.


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