#Playlist – About That Falsetto


There are many men who have high-pitched voices.  In actual fact there are many male vocalists who, really, sound like girls or young boys.  But something has to be said about the skill that some out there possess when it comes to using their falsetto voice to make some of the best songs ever.  And, really, it is a skill.  What is falsetto, you ask?  According to a quick Google search:


Now, there are folks out there who probably don’t appreciate a great falsetto…I’m not one of them.  Growing up listening to likes of The Stylistics, Earth Wind & Fire and The BeeGees I developed an absolute appreciation for the falsetto voice.  Here are some of the artists I enjoy.

1. Gregory Abbott


2. Brian McKnight


3. Prince


4. Remy Shand


5. Maxwell (I really really really love Maxwell)



These are just a few of the artist I enjoy.  Which of these do you enjoy listening to? Are there perhaps any others you like?  Please, feel free to share.


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