This week on The Blog Tag the Theme is Food.  I am no food blogger.  Mainly I post my culinary creations on Instagram (not too shabby as a chef even if I do say so myself).  The writing prompt for this post is  Kitchen Disasters.  Here is the offering for this prompt.



She walked down the stairs.  Quietly.  He saw her though. She wasn’t quiet enough.  He stood there staring at her.  She looked around.  There was no escape.  She’d have to face him.  No way no how he was letting her go.  


For the past few days she tried to avoid him.  Waited patiently till his anger subsided.  She didn’t know what she had done.  She tried everything…Gave everything…Nothing pleased him.


They met in high school.  He was the new boy in town.  Super hot with an air of mystery.  All the girls wanted him…He chose her.  She could never figure why.  She was a wallflower.  The one no one really noticed.  She didn’t have many friends.  Her home life was abysmal.  She merely existed.  Until he looked her way.


He made her feel beautiful.  Wanted.  Needed.  Treated her so good she thought she was dreaming.  At first he told her to keep them a secret until that one day he walked up to her and claimed her in front of the whole school.  From that moment on everyone knew who she was.  She did not like the idea of that at all but rolled with it because it was what he wanted.  The girls envied her…and suddenly the boys took note when before they’d just walk past her.  If the school’s Mr. Cool took note of her she must have something, right?


Two years after she graduated high school they married.  He graduated two years prior.  They moved into their own little apartment.  She was so happy.  She moved straight from her parents home.  She was now Mrs.  Wore that title proudly…but still a bit of a mouse.  One day they were invited to a gala evening.  She wore a beautiful red gown.  She looked magnificent and felt it too.  He was dashing in a classic tux.  She couldn’t stop staring at him.  And they couldn’t stop staring at her.  He couldn’t stop glaring at them staring at her.  He was livid.


After a night she enjoyed so much it happened.  The first blow.  No warning.  She couldn’t understand.  How? Why? He’d never done that before.  For months after the incident it became a regular occurrence.  He wore her down.  Took every opportunity he could to break her down bit by excruciating bit.  He was winning too.  She was worthless.  But she could take no more.  She had to find herself.


One night after he’d had his fill at the local hole he came home and found her crying in the kitchen.  She was thinking about her life…wondering where it’d gone wrong.  He decided her had had enough of her moping.  So did she.  As his fist came down she did the first thing that came to mind.  She grabbed one of the knives from the block on the kitchen counter and drove it home good.  Enough to knock him down for a while.  She stood up for herself.  He was her disaster.  She had to escape.  He would not forgive his possession turning on him.  She ran and declared herself missing.



©Shelley Smidt-Booys 2016


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11 thoughts on “Possession

      1. Ooooo, yes!! Can’t believe how many tandem post we wrote. Lol Kai still asked me if Log in my Missing is real!

    1. Oh so that’s what a wallflower is, I never really paid attention to the word before now. Haha how apt a word then!
      I totally dig how you tied in that poem you previously posted.
      It really is understandable why everyone went gaga over the bella & edward story, apparently it’s very relatable to some & a fantasy to others.
      As for the beating part, I really hope this is pure fiction Shelley coz if it’s real, I have NO tolerance when it comes to a man imposing physical dominance over a woman. Give me his deets & it will be sorted.

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