Review: Tiger’s Milk

Up front – this post is not paid for. I was just so overwhelmed I had to tell you about it….

I have a steak getting me all emotional.  Can you believe it?! A steak!


Some might know that I work in the travel industry.  Today I was privileged to be invited to a work lunch with some of our clients.  We were booked to eat at this place called Tiger’s Milk in Century City.  Now, I have heard of this place a few times and always thought the name interesting.  Well, today I got to experience the place for myself.


My first impression was that it’s a young vibey pubby place – industrial in design.  Then I saw all the posters on the wall.  Boney M, Grace Jones, Jimmy Hendrix, John Lennon – the walls hark back to 60’s and 70’s music and showbiz.  All in black and white and raw brick, fantastic lightbulbs and hints of gold in that big bull’s head on one of the walls.
Wall-mounting at Tiger’s Milk

I started off with a yummy hot chocolate because it’s winter in Cape Town and today was quite cold.  If I don’t have to add sugar to hot chocolate then it’s good.  Not too sweet at all with lots of yummy froth.  A good balance.

For my main course I ordered the 300g Sirloin medium with chips.  Let me tell you…that steak had me all kinds of emotional in the way that it was succulently juicy and beautifully grilled.  I mean I did not want the joy to ever end.  Very dramatic, I know but I can’t help it.  It was simply gorgeous!  That steak gets five stars for sure.
300g Sirloin

For dessert I ordered the bread and butter pudding.  How utterly sinful this tasted!  Topped with a dollop of fresh cream with a side jug of custard to boot!  My hips will not forgive me but my tum is graciously grateful in a major way and will always think back to the day I had custard and cream.
Bread and Butter Pudding

The vibe is laid back and we had an awesome waiter.  Sorry, dude.  I forgot to ask you your name but you were an awesome host.  I’ll definitely be popping into this joint again.  I’ll be dreaming of that steak for days to come.


Have you been to Tiger’s Milk?  What did you think?  What is your favourite meal there?

If you haven’t been you should go.





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