Said Is Dead

Said I’d have you forever
Said you’d never let go
Said you’d hurt me never
Said our life would grow

Said I was your muse
Maybe I’m confused
Said I was your light
Why did you take flight?

Said it was just us two
Just me…just you
All this time we were three…
That good, is she?

Said you’d…
Never mind.
Said is dead
We have reached our end

Said…Said is dead



Thank you for reading this week’s tandem title “Said is Dead”. Please have a read at what Celeste and Chevone had to say.

God bless!

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5 thoughts on “Said Is Dead

  1. “When you’re out in the club, don’t think I’m not….” not sure of the name of that song but it’s playing in my head now. Along with all the other cheating songs. Thanx for the mix tape 🙂

    Brilliant my friend!

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