She Gave Me

This week is Food Week on The Blog Tag. The writing post for this piece is Food Memory.  When I put food and memory together the thing that comes to mind is my gran in her kitchen.  She is no longer with us but her memory lingers still.



A home filled with bodies
Generations three
You fed us
Chastised us
Laughed with glee
On hands and knees
The floors you cleaned
These thoughts are in my memory



School lunches you packed
We knew the time of month
Meats, cheese, peanut butter jammed
Marmite and coffee in a jug
To keep us warm, you said
By the time the break bell rang
Coffee was cold…we’d drink water instead



Dinner time and dinner days
A calendar of sorts
Mac & cheese, bobotie
Curry or a stew
Whatever you prepared
We had to eat
There are those who don’t have
You said



Sunday morning breakfasts
Oh, the best ever!
Koesiester tradition continued
With love and care drenched
In coconut and syrupy goodness
An absolute treat



Koesiester tradition continued
But ended with you
The symbol of patience, love and care
Kneading and moulding us with discipline
Drenched in surupy love
You were our treat
My childhood complete



© Shelley Smidt-Booys  2016





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