Silent Warrior

From a shy grin
To a full blown smile
You loved us
Western Flyer-style

A pillow to cushion
Our morning run
The wind in our faces
Oh, what fun!

Poached eggs for lunch
After a hard day at school
The Pet Shop Boys
Our souls to soothe

Her honour you defended
You put up your dukes
Protector of the One
A knight so true

You called us together
Drawing us near
In a time we needed
To be close to all that is dear

In quiet strength you stand
Tall as can be
Our silent Warrior
Our mighty oak tree

“Silent Warrior” is dedicated to my uncle.  He isn’t one who talks much but has the respect of all.  To my older cousins and I he was more like the big brother we never had.  He took such great care of us.  He is an amazing human being.  A real silent warrior. 

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