Sometimes I fall
Fall so hard there’s no way to break it
At times I feel small
So small I don’t think that I’d make it

There’s nothing at all
That anyone can do it’s all internal
A great blaze, a ball
A flame that once was a great inferno

It’s all in my head
I don’t see but instead…
My heart fails to see
The possibility I bleed

From the wall
The one built so high no one can see over
Keeps me still, makes me stall
To the point I’m forced to see the four-leaf clover

And yet through it all
Life has carried me, kept me from going under
Yes, now I stand tall
Reaching in to me…and out to others

It was all in my head
Yes, I see now it’s there
My heart truly sees
The potential I bleed…

And it keeps me going

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