The Blog Tag – Beauty Week Q&A

Yay! It’s Friday.  That means it is Q&A day on The Blog Tag.  And since it’s Beauty Week all questions revolve around…well…beauty.  Here goes nothing 🙂



1.  What is your skin care regime?

Facescrub and toner – I don’t need much


2. Do you wear make-up everyday?

Five to six days a week


3. What is your favorite beauty brand?

Mac Lipsticks and Avon Glimmersticks


4. What are your beauty sins?

I sometimes fall asleep with makeup on


5. What’s in your make-up bag?

Glimmer Stick, Waterproof Mascara, Shadow, blush,

     Foundation and various shades of  lipstcks and gloss.


6. You are late for a meeting and can only put on one make-up item before leaving the house what do you grab?



7. Have you ever ugly cried and have your mascara run in public?

I don’t ugly cry…in public hehehe


8. If you could dye your hair any colour what would it be?

Believe it or not I have never dyed my hair.   Hypothetically though

     I’ve always thought I’d look really cool with cobalt hair


9. How often do you wash your hair?

Once weekly


10. Are your eye brows on fleek?

 Only when I remember they exist


11.  Can you contour ?

 Oddly enough I can.  I do my own brows.


12. Do you thread or wax?

Self pluck or Salon wax


15. What would you call your own beauty brand?

Funk. You?




Quick Fire 

Gel or Acrylic – Gel


Liquid liner or Pencil Liner – Liquid (I prefer glimmersticks though)


Matt or Gloss  – Matte


Salon or DIY – DIY (the economy and all that)


Curled or Straight – All depends on the weather (especially the mince factor)


Bold Lip or Dramatic Eyes – Both


French Tip or Nail Art – Neither…but I love wild colours


Floral or Musky notes (Perfume) – Musk all the way


Make-up wipes or Micellar Water – Wipes






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