The Blog Tag – Food Week Q&A

This week on The Blog Tag we talked food.  I thoroughly enjoyed this week.  Lots of food for thought.  Okay, sorry, that was a bad attempt at a lame joke.  With today (Friday) being the end of the week it is time for The Blog Tag Q&A.  Here’s me giving you a little peek into my life.





1. What is your favorite cuisine?

Lamb curry and Monkey Gland Steak the way my mom makes it.


2. The best place to get supper in the city where you live?

There is “Giovanni’s” on the R44 and “Jewel of India” at the V&A Waterfront


3. Favorite chef ?

My mom


4. How do you take your coffee/tea?

Depends on the time of day…triple cappucinno to start otherwise black and sweet


5. What cook book do you use the most?

I suck at following recipes because I wasn’t taught to measure (traditions and all that).

      I mostly wing it.  Trust you instinct…a pinch of this and a dash of that…


6. If you could open your own restaurant what type of food would you serve and what would your restaurant be called?

I love salad so a salad fusion bar called Keep It Fresh


7.  What’s on your pizza?

Cheese, garilc, chillies, cheese, peppers, cheese, chillies, avocado, garlic and cheese


8. Favorite cooking utensil?

One that I can grab quickly when needed


9. What is your favorite home cooked meal?

Lamb curry which I cook casserole style.  Cooked this a few nights ago.



10. 3 ingredients you can’t live without?

Masala, dhanya (coriander) and salt


11. The weirdest food you have eaten?

Anything in Hong Kong.  Even the fast food tasted strange.


12. Describe your perfect desert

 Sweet ‘n sour – anything with lemon.  Made lemon cake pudding this week as well.


13.  You can invite anyone over for dinner, who would it be?

Myself…ever seen “Dinner for One”?


14.  Do you have any food traditions in your culture/family?

  Curry, Koesiesters, Bobotie (urgh) and so may others. I am Capetonian afterall


15. Are there any food you won’t ever eat?

Pig, innards and beetroot – I just can’t 






Juice or Fizzy Drinks – Nothing like guava juice

Chicken or Beef – Lamb

Eat in or Go out – Depends on the economic ability of my bank balance

Indian or Chinese – Indian

Sweet or Sour – Both for desert

Chocolate or Strawberry – Chocolate coated strawberries

Popcorn or Chips – Pop that corn

Cake or Pie – Neither.  My hips are not forgiving.  I’ll have pudding though.  It’s calcium.

Cream or Ice cream – Lactose intolerant so sorbet for me

Skittles or M&M’s – Skittles



Well, that a wrap for this week.  I wonder what next week has in store…




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    1. Thanks. Wanted to use it for a recipe post but realised that I’m useless telling people how much of what is needed. It would be a case of a pinch of this and a dash of that. Measure with the eye ?

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