Greatest Regret

You thought you could break me…
You couldn’t

Lost the battle before it’d even begun
You thought your words would hurt me
Baby, I’m too tough for that


You see, I know my worth
I know what I’m about
I see what you’re about
You’re not worth my time
Not worth my tears
Not worth a thought


Wasting myself on you…
That, and that alone is
My greatest regret



Copywrite Shelley Smidt-Booys 2016




This is a post prompted by the Blog Tag.  I find it really does help when someone gives you that little bit of a kick to get you writing.  You can find The Blog Tag on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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4 thoughts on “Greatest Regret

        1. Oh wow! I think anyone who can be true to themselves when in that kind of situation is super. So many lose themselves. Knowing one’s worth is so very important. You, ma’am, have made my day.

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