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It’s the end of Music Week on The Blog Tag.  I have had so much fun doing daily Twitter Video posts.  To those who love it music is important for maintaining sanity in a chaotic existence.  I am one of those.

Here is the Q&A Tag for Music Week:


1. Name your top 3 favorite artists/ bands:
That’s very difficult to do. If I absolutely have to pick three…
– Incognito
– Take 6
– Fourplay


2. What is the last song you listened to?
“Crossroads” by Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony


3. What was the first concert you went to?
I take it school concerts don’t count? ..Cape Town       International Jazz Festival.


4. If you could spend a day with your favorite singer who would it be?
Another toughie…Anita Baker / Mahalia Jackson / Nina Simone


5. Are there any songs that you can’t stand hearing?
Where do I begin. Can’t stand bubblegum!
– Rihanna “Work” to infinity
– Shanks and Bigfoot…so not “Sweet Like Chocolate”
– I love Daft Punk…but “Around the World”??? Seriously???
– Armand van Helden is awesome but the “Ultrafunkula” is not.
– Then of course that timeless piece…Aqua’s “Barbie Girl”

Bono Quote

6. If you could have a soundtrack to your life what would it be?
I have thought of this often…I would have to go with the top hits of specific years

– Born in 1981:  “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross

– Started primary school in 1988: George Michael’s “Faith”

– We moved house in 1989: “Look Away” by Chicago

– Moved schools in 1990: Wilson Phillips “Hold On” (love this song)

– Moved schools again in 1993:  “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men (classic!!!)

– 1994 signalled the start of teenagedom: Whitney Houston’s “Ï Will Always Love You”

– 1995 and the start of high school: “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio (go figure)

– I finished high school in 1999: Cher’s “Believe”

– After a tough time I graduated from varsity in 2006: Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day”

– Special day in 2009: “Boom Boom Pow”by The Black Eyed Peas



7. Can you sing?
Yip 🙂


8.  Your favorite cheesy song?

Has to be Fox the Fox’s “Precious Little Diamond”.  It makes my Fridays


10. What songs do you listen to when you are feeling down?

Anything I can singalong to.  If I sing along I forget everything else.


11. First L.P/C.D/Mp3 you bought?

My first cassette was Babyface’s “Lovers” (do kids today even know what a cassette is?)        No 12-year-old should listen to this song.


12. Do you like musicals if so which is your favorite?

Love musicals.  I would have to say “District Six” is favourite


13. Favorite musical instrument?  

Voice and piano


14.  If you could see anyone in concert who would it be?

Herbie Hancock


15. If you wrote a song what would it be called?

I have written quite a few songs already…


Music Life




Rock or Pop

Sing in the shower or on Stage

Musical or Concert  Both

Guitar or Drums

Ear phones or speaker

Music while you work or quiet

1  Direction or Justin Bieber  Neither

Sing or Dance…However, the two are not mutually exclusive.  The one often leads to the other.

Instrumental or lyrics  Both

Prince or Micheal Jackson  I could never choose between the two.  They were both beautifully gifted musicologists




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