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It is the end of Travel Week on The Blog Tag.  I love to travel and would love for everyone to experience it at least one time in their life.  One does not need to cross country borders to travel.  Exploring your own province and country is fun and exciting.  Getting to know your own backyard means you can gush about it to everyone else.  Even though I have been blessed with the opportunity to cross borders numerous times coming home to Cape Town is still one of the best feelings in the world.

Here is the Q&A for Travel Week. 


  1. Where are you from?

Cape Town, South Africa


  1. Where have you been around the world?
–  Buenos Aires, Argentina
–  Ceres, South Africa (Western Cape)
–   Clanwilliam, South Africa (Western Cape)
–   Ebenezer, South Africa (Western Cape)
–   Hong Kong, China
–   Johannesburg, South Africa (Gauteng)
–   Kommagas, South Africa (Northern Cape)
–   Laingsburg, South Africa (Western Cape)
–   Langebaan, South Africa (Western Cape)
–   London, England
–   Lutzville, South Africa (Western Cape)
–   Mossel Bay, South Africa (Southern Cape)
–   New York, USA
–   Paternoster, South Africa (Western Cape)
–   Perth, Australia
–   Port Elizabeth, South Africa (Eastern Cape)
–   Prince Albert, South Africa (Western Cape)
–   Pringle Bay, South Africa (Western Cape)
–   Springbok, South Africa (Northern Cape)
–   St. Helena Bay, South Africa (Western Cape)
–   Vredenburg, South Africa (Western Cape)
–   Vredendal, South Africa (Western Cape)
  1. What is your favourite City?

That will always be Cape Town.  Best place on earth.


  1. What are your dream destinations?
  – Athens, Greece
  – Carthage, Tunisia
  – Dubrovník, Croatia
  – Goreé, Senegal
  – Kingston, Jamaica
  – Koh Samui, Thailand
  – Marakesh, Morocco
  – Munich, Germany
  – Rome and Venice, Italy
  – Zanzibar, Tanzania


  1. Best item you have purchased overseas?

My Levis black leather biker jacket purchased in New York in 2013


  1. What time of the year do you like to travel?

Anytime I have cash or opportunity is good for me


  1. How many times a year do you travel?

Not as often as I would like. 


  1. Show us your favourite travel picture?


9. What are some new and exciting cuisines have you tried on your travels?

There’s a restaurant on the banks of the Tigre in Buenos Aires called Gato Blanco…fantastic calamari


  1. Have you ever lost something while traveling?

Other than patience?


  1. What are your favourite travel activities?

Taking pictures and sampling good coffee


  1. What are your must have travel accessories?

Smartphone, tablet and a good book


  1. What is your favourite accent in the world?

When I was a teenager I imagined myself marrying either an Irish or Italian man…with a deep voice (teenage dreams)


  1. If you could live anywhere where would you live?

I couldn’t imagine myself living anywhere else other than Cape Town.  This city is in my veins.


  1. Why do you enjoy traveling?

It allows me to see how differently similar (or similarly different) we all are and to appreciate what we have right here in the R of SA


  1. Do you have a travel buddy?

That would be the hubster


  1. What are some of the interesting places you’ve visited and the different cultures?

Buenos Aires struck a nerve with me.  It is so much like home.  They even have people selling sweets and chips on the train like they do here in Cape Town.  The indigenous people are beautiful and their music haunting.  I need to go back there.


18. Have you ever had any bad travel experiences?

Oh yes I have.  You can read about it here.


19. Advice for those who want to travel but think they can’t?

 Not much is needed to travel.  Pack a bag of snacks.  Google some spots in your hometown or city you haven’t seen before.  Get in your car, a taxi, bus or train and make your way there.  You’d be surprised what jewels you find in your own backyard (I say these words a lot).  Below is a picture I took just down the road from my house. 



Quick Fire

Road Trip around your country or Plane ride to exotic location? Both

Hotel or Hostel

Summer or Winter

Window or Aisle seat

Book or Movie on the Plane



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  1. oh wow! i would love to travel to buenas aires! so awesome shells bells loved that you love travelling so much was brilliant to hear about where you’ve been and want to go

  2. You sure did justice to these Blog Tag questions. ❤️ It. And wow you are so well travelled! ??really enjoyed reading this.

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