The Colour of Love

The colour of love is BLUE
Bruised and battered
Like the river rumbling toward the waterfall

The colour of love is DUSTY ROSE
Like the sky at dusk
Shepherding in a new day

The colour of love is WHITE
Like the ray of the sun
And purity like a dove

The colour of love is GOLD
Adding richness and wealth
Like the streets we look for

The colour of love is SILVER
Like the blade cutting through
The pain and suffering

The colour of love is RED
Like the river that flowed
Like the royalty…bold

The colour of love is LOVE
Like the Life that was given
And the Heart that has risen

The colour of Love

“The Colour of Love” is part of a tandem blog collaboration along with Celeste and Chevone.  Please go ahead and read their interpretations of “The Colour of Love.

As always, thank you for reading and God bless.

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