The Deal Is on YouTube

Yes…I have decided to venture into the ‘Tube.  I have been contemplating it for a while and thought I’d just take the plunge and do it already.  So now there is a three-video strong channel.


What kind of videos do I post?  For now, the videos are based on some of the poems found right here (as the blog is still home).  Later you can expect actually seeing my face.  I’m just not quite camera ready yet.  Baby steps and all that.


I will say this – I am so super excited about this channel.  It’s not mainstream – but then again nothing about The Deal Is…is.  Mainstream, I mean.


If you’d like to check out my developing channel you can click right HERE.

If you like what you see why not join all of my six subscribers and get notified when a new video is posted.


See you on the ‘Tube!







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